This documentation describes the core features of Typedream. We will update the content as new features get implemented.


Getting Started

Adding & Editing Content →

Setup your Website →

Managing your Content →

Publishing, Custom Domain, and SEO →

Next Steps

Find inspirations ->

Custom Domain ->

Integrations ->

Sharing a page as templates

How to duplicate a page →

Sharing a template in the Marketplace →

How to save a page as a template →


Link to a section →

Link to a Typedream page →

How to add custom fonts →

How to change font sizes →

How to change navbar color →

How to use custom gradients on texts →

How to add a video →

How to unpublish select pages →

How to protect pages using a password or token →

Using domains used in another Vercel account →

Using Typedream to handle sub-pages of your site →

How to track button clicks for analytics →

How to add sitemap to your Google Search Console


Why does my logo on the navbar look small? →

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