This documentation describes the core features of Typedream. We will update the content as new features get implemented.


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Content Management System (CMS) is a feature that allows you to display data from a database, like Notion, Airtable, etc.

Learn the Basics

Editing and Publishing your Website

Custom Domain

Add a custom domain to your site


Integrate third-party apps to your site

Getting Started

Adding & Editing Content →

Setup your Website →

Managing your Content →

Publishing, Custom Domain, and SEO →

Next Steps

Find inspirations ->

Custom Domain ->

Integrations ->

Sharing a page as templates

How to duplicate a page →

Sharing a template in the Marketplace →

How to save a page as a template →


Link to a section →

Link to a Typedream page →

How to add custom fonts →

How to change font sizes →

How to change navbar color →

How to use custom gradients on texts →

How to add a video →

How to unpublish select pages →

How to protect pages using a password or token →

Using domains used in another Vercel account →

Using Typedream to handle sub-pages of your site →

How to add sitemap to your Google Search Console

How to track button clicks for analytics →

How to Track Button Clicks for Google Analytics

How to Track Button Clicks for Panelbear

How to Track Button Clicks for Posthog


Why does my logo on the navbar look small? →

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