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Setting Up Your Website

Begin building your website hassle-free with easy-to-use tools and features. Customize and structure your site easily.


Explore a variety of pre-designed templates to kickstart your website creation process based on your needs.

Section Template

Create and replicate sections of your website using section templates. Streamline the design process with ready-made sections.


Organize and structure your content effectively. Easily manage content within containers.


Add dynamic elements to your website with visual effects.

Link to a Section

Create seamless navigation by linking directly to specific sections within your website. Improve user experience with easy access to relevant content.

Rearrange Pages

Easily reorganize pages to fit your desired layout.

Collapse/ Hide Sidebar

Optimize your website's layout by collapsing or hiding sidebars.

Mobile Options

Explore mobile options to ensure a seamless experience across different screen sizes.

Customizing Your Navbar & CTA/Button

Personalize your navbar and call-to-action (CTA) buttons to match your site's style.

How to Share and Duplicate Template/Page

Learn how to easily share and duplicate your website templates/pages. Collaborate or reuse templates/pages across projects.

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