Our Dream Team

A little bit about us and what matters to us.

In 2021,

We started with our founding team of 5

And so

We set out with one simple mission.

To make creating beautiful, clean, and effective websites something anyone can do.

Since then,

We've welcomed a few new members to our family.

Kevin Chandra


Bayu Aslama Zulfikar Ahmad

Frontend Engineer

Steven Ferdianto

Frontend Engineer

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And are always grateful for...

Our passionate, inspiring, and happy customers.

I just built a landing page without coding in 5 minutes. No-code is the future of web design. Thank you @typedreamHQ


Notion Templates Builder

Building this in @typedreamHQ was quickly able to get a page stood up. What I most liked was fresh design, ability to choose templates and blocks. It really sped up my total build time.

Michael Novotny

Founder of Side Product Led Growth

We love to share our Typedream journey with you because

We are firm believers of building in public.

This startup allows you to type your dream website into existence

Indonesian no-code website builder raises seed funding from Y Combinator

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We're a remote software company, building online tools for creators, builders, and side hustlers. We quit our 9-5 to pursue our dreams, and we want to help others do the same.

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