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Typedream helps you create & publish a beautiful website with a simple interface.

Built & Optimized for Websites

Add buttons, navbar, cards, and more for your website, while getting optimized and lightning-fast websites.

Custom Domain

Custom domains with SSL certificates, your site is automatically served on HTTPS.


Add meta tags and social sharing tags for search engine optimization.

Fast with Static Pages

Optimized with statically generated pages, hosted on a CDN.

Everything you need for your site

Customize and add buttons, navbar, cards, and a set of powerful integrations for images, styling, forms, payments, and more.

Navbar & Buttons

Easily add a navigation bar to your site and add beautiful gradient buttons to your site.

Easy Columns & Layouts

Drag and drop to add columns and move elements to your website.

Pretty URLs & Publish in Minutes

Use a nicely structured path for your pages and publish with a click of a button.


Create & publish a beautiful website with a simple interface.


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