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Aug 10, 2022

Notion RTC Sync

Import Rich Text Content from Notion

In addition to typing your Rich Text Content in the Item Page editor, you can now copy over content directly from your Notion page. To import Rich Text Content, click on the three dots ••• next to "Rich Text Content" and select "Import from Current Notion page".

Fixes and Improvements

  • Auto search collection item when typing
  • Fixed form embed does not load upon navigating to the page
  • Fixed runtime error when navigating away from a page with animated text
  • Show error when CMS try to connect to existing page slug
  • Fixed site crashing due to HTML in site header
  • Reduced occurrences of "Use My Changes" popup
  • Updated text link color behavior
  • Updated Locks password UI
  • Fixed publish button zindex on RTC
  • Fixed saving page (cmd+s) and then navigating to other page doesn't save the changes

July 21, 2022


Advanced Analytics

Previously, you could only track basic analytics on your website like visitors, page views, bounce rate, and visit duration, for today and in the last 7 days. With Advanced Analytics, you can also track top sources, top pages, countries map, and devices on top of the metrics available in the basic analytics. You can see your website's analytics today, last 30 days, or even custom range. Go to Site Settings → Analytics to activate this feature.

July 19, 2022



With our Locks feature, you can now create private pages on your website, such as internal documentation and members-only online courses. You can choose to gate a page(s) using a password, ERC-721, ERC-20, or ERC-1155.

To access Locks, go to Site Settings → Experimental → Locks.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed dropdown navbar item icon gray placeholders aren’t entirely removed after replacing icon
  • Fixed dropdown navbar with many columns are not fully scrollable
  • Fixed dropdown navbar (sticky-to-top) with many items are not scrollable on mobile
  • Fixed box around the dropdown in CMS
  • Fixed accessing gradients maker redirects back to editor
  • Removed gap between navbar and dropdown, fixed missing shadow, and fixed cut off right part of card mode dropdown
  • Fixed handling of iframe lazy loading when source changes
  • Made the checklist checkable/uncheckable by visitors

July 18, 2022


Typedream Mobile: Get early access

As Typedream is growing, we’re planning to expand our target market to mobile-first users by making Typedream Mobile 📱 and we need your help!

If you’re interested in creating a mobile website, please help us build this product by joining the waitlist & we’ll give you beta access! #buildinpublic

July 5, 2022

Dark mode toggle

Light Switch

Previously, light or dark mode is determined fully by the person publishing the site. You can now let your site visitors choose the theme they view your site in by adding a light switch.

You can add the light switch from Site Settings or the Publish menu under Advanced Settings.

Typedream YouTube

We're on YouTube! Subscribe to our channel for tutorial and tips on how to make the most out of your website building experience.

New Page Templates

We have 6 fresh page templates for you to use, including a product roadmap, waitlist, onboarding doc. Check out our personal sites, and more. Check out our templates here.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed newly created site can't be opened
  • Fixed broken animated text on Firefox
  • Flipped dropdown menu item settings when it goes beyond viewport
  • Fixed cut text in animated words
  • Fixed navbar dropdown item hover background on dark mode
  • Fixed navbar dropdown card mode placement
  • Rearranged the back button
  • Fixed radio button squished on longer page titles

June 21, 2022

Dropdown menu on navbar

Dropdown Menu on Navbar

We released the dropdown feature for the navigation bar that will allow you to add more links without taking up more space.

The dropdown menu comes in two styles: big box (spans across the width of the screen) and card. Within the dropdown, you can change the look of each item through preset types, such as featured product. You can also add columns and drag-and-drop items to move them around.

To add a dropdown menu, click on a navbar item to go to SettingsTypeDropdown.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed loading spinner modal shows up in every save interval
  • Fixed Use My Changes popup issue
  • Fixed button icon picker overflow
  • Set width to 100% to keep editor width not squeezed
  • Fixed emptying a page resulted to an application client side error
  • Random slug for new item page
  • Fixed infinite load when error on Save Template
  • Fixed error on FB Metadata when only add image
  • Fixed selection when click on the button icon
  • Throw error if TD:slug empty
  • Fixed page template preview looks cropped
  • CMS Better Setup Flow
  • Added Remove button when loading on Custom Domain page
  • Fixed animated texts are not horizontally aligned with other blocks
  • Fixed max width doesn't work on CMS collections
  • Added preview to CMS list item
  • Darker darken background
  • Fixed custom domain shows invalid when it should be loading state

May 27, 2022

Side toolbar

Animations & Text Animations

You can now add a little extra fun to your site with our animations functionality. Text animations lets you flip through a list of words, while our item animations create a smooth entrance for your site components. Both text and item animations can be accessed in the Advanced tab when selecting a component.

A New Look: Typedream Home Page

We gave our own landing page a spiffy new upgrade. Check it out here.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed overflow component width on editor
  • Fixed text wrap of navbar brand title
  • Removed link not working
  • Added testimonial item page templates (CMS)
  • Always show SideToolbar
  • Refresh space permission token after changing role for self from owner -> editor
  • Closes navbar on click
  • Fixed clear background color
  • Fixed synced container got detached after switching to site that has synced container or duplicating pages that has synced containers from other sites
  • Show add new block button even when nothing is selected
  • Fixed error message on duplicating page
  • Added web3 & wedding section templates
  • Fixed embed inside containers & columns cannot be resized horizontally
  • Added web3 & wedding templates on onboarding
  • Close animation menu when click outside of the menu
  • Add CMS category and more web3 pages to onboarding
  • Fix emptying a page resulted to an application client side error

April 28, 2022

Side toolbar

A New Look: Side Toolbar

Previously, we had a floating toolbar that would appear near a component that you wanted to edit. We have given a major revamp to editing controls so that now, whenever you click on a component, you will have the settings neatly arranged in a side toolbar on the right-hand side of the editor.

Save a Page as a Template

In addition to sharing a page as a template through a duplicate link, we have included the ability for you to save a particular page you want to reuse within your site as a template. You and your collaborators will be able to apply your saved templates in just a couple of clicks when creating a blank page.

For full instructions on how to save a page as a template, check out this guide.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added option to insert template on every new page
  • Added Empty Page button when editing item page template on CMS
  • Fixed synced container getting detached after switching sites
  • Fixed crash when triple-clicking on the editor's paddingBottom
  • Show data tag on all components, not just on texts in CMS
  • Fixed hamburger getting cutoff or disappearing to the right if logo is too wide
  • Improved loading speed for optimized images

April 12, 2022

CMS collection templates

Collection and Item Page Templates on CMS

We have carefully crafted over 20 different templates to suit your CMS collection, whether you're writing a blog, building a knowledge base or directory, setting up a shop, or displaying team info or customer testimonials. In addition, you can now choose from a variety of layouts for accompanying item pages on Typedream CMS. Both collection and item page templates are optimized for light and dark modes.

Web3-Inspired Gradients

We added a ton of new preset gradients that resemble a futuristic, Web3 vibe that you can apply to your containers. Each gradient comes in static and dynamic versions (peep the moving gradient above).

Check out these new hues by going to container settings → Background Image → Resources → Gradients

Fixes and Improvements

  • Navbar burger to automatically collapse after clicking a menu on mobile
  • Fixed GIF uploading
  • Fixed "Open in New Tab" error on buttons
  • Preview mode improvement
  • Fixed overflow editor when resizing
  • Fixed containers & spaces inside a column are cut off
  • Fixed slash command → Enter erroneous behavior

March 25, 2022

CMS blog example

CMS Release

Our content management system is now live and available to users on our Pro Plan (see Pricing for more details). With CMS, you can convert your Notion database into a beautiful Typedream site in just a few clicks. Head over to our Showcase and Templates pages to see CMS in action.

Learn more about how to use our CMS through our guides

What is CMS?

Build a Directory with Notion + Typedream

Build a Knowledge Base with Notion + Typedream

Build a Blog with Notion + Typedream

Darken Background Image

We have included a toggle to darken background images in containers to allow for increased contrast on layered texts and links. To access this setting, click on a container's settings -> Background Image -> Darken Background Image

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed column item width issue when columns are nested

  • Fixed image max width calculation

  • Fixed SVG load failure

  • Set image fit contain for CMS to work with image from database

February 21, 2022

Animation on hover

Animation for Containers and Images with Links

Containers or images with embedded links will now come with a default micro-animation that is triggered by mouse hover.

with Google

For your convenience, you now have the option to log in to the editor using your Google credentials. You can also use Google to create a new Typedream account.

Two New Templates

We have added an NFT minting template for access passes, as well as an investment portfolio template for VCs. Click the links below to duplicate the templates.

NFT Minting Template

Investment Portfolio Template

Check out all available templates on our Templates Page →

Fixes and Improvements

  • Upgraded Typedream log in page

  • Added dimension indicator to images, spacers, and media embeds

  • Fixed error with quote block moving down when pressing Enter with no text.

  • Fixed synced block issue with detachment and renaming

  • Fixed clear formatting

February 11, 2022

Blur navbar

Blur Navbars

We added a new stylistic option that gives your navigation bar a frosted glass texture. To enable the blur effect on a navbar, click the "Blur" toggle in navbar settings.

Easier Access to 3D Assets and More

We've curated a list of free, high-quality resources that you can use to elevate your site's design. While you can access our assets marketplace through this link, you can now do so directly through the editor. Go to container settings → Background Image → Resources → Explore Assets.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Implemented lazy loading on images

  • Added Categories selection upon creating a new site

  • Fixed error when changing header text to subtitles

  • Corrected Page Title and URL auto-reversion

  • Fixed shifting of layout due to window resize

  • Fixed error copy & pasting inside list items

December 22, 2021

Hide on desktop

Hide on Desktop

Previously, we introduced a functionality to hide certain elements you don't want visitors to see on mobile. Now, we are offering you increased flexibility with a new responsive setting: hide on desktop. To toggle responsive settings, simply click on the device icon found on the right-hand side of the toolbar.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Easier custom domain setup and redirecting

  • Font styling hotkeys error

  • Nested lists with the wrong structure cause additional blocks to be added

  • Clicking Preview causes the user to be logged out when using Safari

  • Crash on typing on a button when button has a link

November 4, 2021

Open navigation bar link in new tab

Open Navigation Bar Link in New Tab

We added a toggle for you to determine whether you want to open the link in the navigation bar in a new tab or in the current tab. This works with text links, button links, and logo links.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Metadata reverts to blank every 10 seconds

  • Missing toolbar on an empty image

  • Blurred error message on pop-up screen

  • More SEO guidance

October 19, 2021

Synced container

Synced Container

You can sync multiple blocks with the same content by typing /Synced Container. You will then see a popup with the options to create a new Synced Container (by dropping items inside the container) or select an existing Synced Container. You can also rename the Synced Container.

Alt Text

You can add alt text to your image for SEO by clicking the image -> ••• symbol → SEO.

NFT Storefront Template

We have added a new NFT storefront template. Click here to duplicate.

Check out all available templates on our Templates Page → 

Fixes and Improvements

  • Autogenerate sitemap

  • Improvements to navbar on dark mode

  • Formatting error on copy-pasted code

August 30, 2021

Typedream Analytics


You can track your website's analytics like visitors, page views, bounce rate, and visit duration. Go to Site Settings → Analytics to activate this feature.

Change Navbar Icon Size

You can change navbar icon size to small/medium/large.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Keep aspect ratio on media uploads

  • Remove hamburger on navbars without a menu on mobile

  • Crash when duplicating columns

  • Fix Cmd+Z on text block not to undo an action on the editor

  • Make preview to open in a new tab

July 26, 2021

Selecting multiple blocks to copy or delete

Select Multiple Blocks to Copy or Delete

You can select multiple elements by holding "CMD" or "CTRL" and clicking different blocks. You will then see a popup with the options to copy or delete. You can then paste the selected elements to another page by pressing CMD+V or CTRL+V.

Duplicate your own page

You can also easily duplicate your own page by going to the page settings (click the ••• symbol) and pressing Duplicate Page.

Sticky Header

There is now an option to make your headers stick to the top of the window so that when your customers scroll, it would stay on the top of their screen.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Add a blog template

  • Fix upgrade link for yearly subscription

  • Make publishing faster with less caching

  • Fix sizes for linked containers

  • Fix selection that keeps disappearing when selected across multiple blocks

  • Make X-Ray Mode more contrast

  • Store unsaved changes in the browser if users are unexpectedly logged out

  • Add popup for confirmation before removing the navbar

  • Check if embeds are empty

July 19, 2021

Mobile options responsive website

Mobile Options

You can now change some options for mobile view. For example, for Columns, you can change the stacking in mobile to be horizontal or vertical, giving you more control over the elements that you have on your site.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix crashes on creating a divider

  • Add option to remove the Typedream badge for Paid subscribers

  • Fix changing background color for containers

  • Automatically add http:// or https:// to links

  • Fix dragging image into the editor

July 12, 2021

Mobile preview

Mobile Preview

It's now easier to preview how your site looks on mobile. Go to the Preview, and change the view mode to desktop, tablet, or mobile. You can also hide the options by clicking the arrow icon.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Allow removing the last text block

  • Fix embed links for Mailchimp section template

  • Fix logging in error

July 7, 2021

Product Hunt #1 Product of the Month

Product Hunt #1 Product of the Week

Product Hunt Feature

Typedream Launched on Product Hunt 🚀

Typedream just launched on Product Hunt! We are now on Public Beta, and anyone can sign up and try out Typedream. We are incredibly thankful for all the support that we got from the community.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix Favicon when pressing Update Settings

  • Fix crashes after deleting list items

  • Fix navbar text color not scrollable

  • Fix button shadow

  • Fix page duplication

  • Improve lagging on dragging and dropping

  • Fix spacing between list items

  • Allow auto-scroll on dragging above and below the viewport

June 21, 2021

Section templates

Section Templates

A new component is available, search for Section Template. This allows you to populate a section with pre-built templates. When these are applied, you can customize it as you wish as if you've made it from scratch.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Add a minimum image size when image link is broken

  • Fix copy & pasting media embeds

  • Fix dragging images on published sites

June 21, 2021

Duplicate a webpage

Duplicate a Page

Share your pages as templates that others can duplicate in just one click. Follow the instructions here to share your page as a template.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Expand page titles on sidebar

  • Allow list items to be deleted with the Trash icon

  • Fix theme switching

  • Auto-add # on custom colors

  • Initiate save on preview

June 14, 2021

Create a site from a template

Create Site from a Template

Creating a site is now easier than ever with our new templates. You can choose from a variety of light and dark mode templates, and add additional pages as well.

10 New Templates

We've also included 10 new templates including landing pages, personal site templates, shop and marketing pages, as well as additional pages such as About Us, Pricing, Documentation, and more. Check out all available templates in our Templates Page →

Add Font Styling

You can now use the Tt option in the toolbar to update the Font Family of your text. Select some text and press the button to apply the styling.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix spacing on Navbar Menu

  • Update links shown on Publish buttons

  • Update focus on editor after pressing enter/return key

  • Fix crashing when pressing Empty Page

  • Fix being stuck on Image Resize

June 7, 2021

Color picker

Custom Colors

You can now use your own colors by entering HEX, RGB, or by selecting a color from the Color Picker. This allows you to use your brand colors for your website.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix navigation bar to make it centered

  • Fix resizing interaction so it doesn't trigger dragging

  • Fix navigation bar gradient colors

  • Ignore capitalization on links

May 29, 2021

Open link in new tab option

Open Link in New Tab

We added a toggle for you to determine whether you want to open the link in a new tab or in the current tab. This works with text links, button links, container links, and image links.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Deleting space removes that space from the default space

  • Fix resizing containers and columns to make sure children always fits

  • Fix page meta title to default to page name

  • Fix error 400 when creating a new site

  • Fix code injection that is missing after publishing a site

  • Update copy pasting feature to include internal page linking

  • Fix pages becoming empty

  • Update collaboration error notice to be more consistent

  • Update heading and button margins

  • Fix container that covers other elements after drag and drop

May 23, 2021

Rearrange navbar menu items

Rearrange Navbar Menu

You can now re-arrange your navbar menu by dragging the menu to the position you want to put it. This works between the left and right menu as well.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix crash when page link is not found

  • Fix button text alignment on mobile

  • Fix list items that cannot be dragged

  • Add published navbar so editing navbar doesn't automatically change the published version

  • Fix arrow → on mobile

  • Add a link to helpful integrations

  • Fix crash when using the toolbar while the editor is not focused

  • Update Cmd vs Ctrl symbol in Windows

May 16, 2021

Internal page linking

Internal Page Linking

When adding a link, you can now choose the page you want to link to from a dropdown. This allows you to update the page's URL without breaking your links. You can also enter an external URL by selecting External Link in the dropdown

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix button shadow colors on dark mode

  • Added scrollbar for Sites on the sidebar

  • Added scrollbar for Pages on the sidebar

  • Fix container link

  • Fix SVG uploads

  • Improve Undo experience and added an undo/redo button on the navbar

  • Improve editor performance

  • Added minimum width/height to avoid elements being resized to 0x0

  • Fix removing links on containers and images

May 9, 2021

Typedream templates

5 New Templates

We have added new templates that will be loaded automatically when you create a new site. These templates are designed to help you get started faster with your site as well as explore the different layouts that you can make using Typedream.

Available templates (check out all templates on the Templates page):

Fixes and Improvements

  • Update error message when inviting an email that has not made a Typedream account

  • Update performance on the editor

  • Optimize images

May 2, 2021

Gradient backgrounds

10 New Gradient Backgrounds

We have added gradient backgrounds that correspond to each color in the background and text color options. You can add these gradient backgrounds by making an Image or Container > Background Image > Illustrations > Gradients

Set Pages as your Home Page

You can now drag your page on top of the home page to set that page as your home page. Note that pages with subpages inside cannot be assigned as your home page, you'll need to move out the subpages first.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Update status code on returned custom domain pages

  • Upgrade packages

  • Fix images that are set to max-width on mobile which was previously stretched

  • Improve performance on published site such that it doesn't rebuild on every deployment

  • Fix container heights when the window size is changed to fit the contents

Apr 25, 2021

Image links

Image Link

You can now add links to your images, perfect for linking logos to their websites.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Column and container heights should not resize permanently on small screen sizes when columns are stacked

  • Fix navbar editing input field that defocused on every letter typed

  • Fix text sizing on mobile

  • Fix the width of image and media embed in containers on mobile

  • Fix the covered toolbar for elements at the very top of the page

  • Fix published page so that visitors can select texts

  • Fix positioning of the menu (color picker, etc) on the navbar

  • Fix pointer type on links to cursor

Apr 18, 2021

Code injection and SEO settings

Code Injection & SEO Settings

Code injection allows you to add code that will run on the entire site. This is useful for using services such as Google Analytics, Gumroad, Cotter, and more. SEO Settings allows you to update the meta tags for search engines and social sharing. Both settings are available under Site Settings.

Spacer Element and Vertical Resizing

The Spacer element allows you to add spacing without using multiple empty Text elements. This also allows you to remove the spacing between the Navbar and the content.

Elements that can be resized vertically:

  • Spacers

  • Columns

  • Containers

Apr 18, 2021


Embed HTML & Audio files

Previously you can only embed links and iframes. We noticed that some services offers embed codes that does not use links. Now you can embed HTML using the /embed feature. You can also upload audio files to be embedded using the /embed feature.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Buttons on the navigation bar can now be clicked on the button, not only on the text

  • Scale down subtitle and text styling on mobile

  • Increased padding and drag handle size

  • Fixed Content-Layout-Shift issues and squished text on refresh

  • Empty image on the first block no longer causes crashes when dragging blocks or making list items

  • Increase line-height on Subtitle 1 and 2 to make it look better

  • Fix instructions on Custom Domain configuration

  • Fix alignment on Todo-List

  • Fix Todo-List on published site to make it not check/uncheckable

  • Copy-pasting elements should now work better and cover most cases

  • Update dependencies

Apr 10, 2021



Containers can be used as Cards and as section backgrounds.

"Typedream's sexy UI just got BitSwap to $200k market cap on Bitclout within an hour... thanks guys"

- Sigil Wen


- Guillermo Rauch


A container is a multifunctional box that can be filled with multiple elements. You can put in text, headings, images, buttons, and columns inside Containers.

Containers as Cards

By setting the style of the container to Card, the container will automatically have a rounded corner and drop shadow.

Containers as Section Backgrounds

By setting the container width to Max-Width and stretching it vertically, you can use it as a section. You can put all your contents inside that container and then set a background on the container to make it appear as a section.

Apr 10, 2021


Button Icons

You can now add icons to buttons by pressing Add Icons on the toolbar on top of the button. You can search for icons and add colors to the icons too. Delete the text in the button to get a rounded icon button.



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