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May 2, 2021

10 New Gradient Backgrounds

We have added gradient backgrounds that correspond to each color in the background and text color options. You can add these gradient backgrounds by making an Image or Container > Background Image > Illustrations > Gradients

Set Pages as your Home Page

You can now drag your page on top of the home page to set that page as your home page. Note that pages with subpages inside cannot be assigned as your home page, you'll need to move out the subpages first.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Update status code on returned custom domain pages

  • Upgrade packages

  • Fix images that are set to max-width on mobile which was previously stretched

  • Improve performance on published site such that it doesn't rebuild on every deployment

  • Fix container heights when window size is changed to fit the contents

Apr 25, 2021

Image Link

You can now add links to your images, perfect for linking logos to their websites.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Column and container heights should not resize permanently on small screen sizes when columns are stacked

  • Fix navbar editing input field that defocused on every letter typed

  • Fix text sizing on mobile

  • Fix the width of image and media embed in containers on mobile

  • Fix the covered toolbar for elements at the very top of the page

  • Fix published page so that visitors can select texts

  • Fix positioning of the menu (color picker, etc) on the navbar

  • Fix pointer type on links to cursor

Apr 18, 2021

Code Injection & SEO Settings

Code injection allows you to add code that will run on the entire site. This is useful for using services such as Google Analytics, Gumroad, Cotter, and more. SEO Settings allows you to update the meta tags for search engines and social sharing. Both settings are available under Site Settings.

Spacer Element and Vertical Resizing

The Spacer element allows you to add spacing without using multiple empty Text elements. This also allows you to remove the spacing between the Navbar and the content.

Elements that can be resized vertically:

  • Spacers

  • Columns

  • Containers

Apr 18, 2021

Embed HTML & Audio files

Previously you can only embed links and iframes. We noticed that some services offers embed codes that does not use links. Now you can embed HTML using the /embed feature. You can also upload audio files to be embedded using the /embed feature.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Buttons on navigation bar can now be clicked on the button, not only on the text

  • Scale down subtitle and text styling on mobile

  • Increased padding and drag handle size

  • Fixed Content-Layout-Shift issues and squished text on refresh

  • Empty image on the first block no longer causes crashes when dragging blocks or making list items

  • Increase line height on Subtitle 1 and 2 to make it look better

  • Fix instructions on Custom Domain configuration

  • Fix alignment on Todo-List

  • Fix Todo-List on published site to make it not check/uncheckable

  • Copy pasting elements should now work better and cover most cases

  • Update dependencies

Apr 10, 2021


Containers can be used as Cards and as section backgrounds.

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- Sigil Wen


- Guillermo Rauch


A container is a multifunctional box that can be filled with multiple elements. You can put in text, headings, images, buttons, and columns inside Containers.

Containers as Cards

By setting the style of the container to Card, the container will automatically have a rounded corner and drop shadow.

Containers as Section Backgrounds

By setting the container width to Max-Width and stretch it vertically, you can use it as a section. You can put all your contents inside that container, and then set a background on the container to make it appear as a section.

Apr 10, 2021

Button Icons

You can now add icons to buttons by pressing Add Icons on the toolbar on top of the button. You can search for icons and add colors to the icons too. Delete the text in the button to get a rounded icon button.


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