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From Dreams to Reality With Typedream: Sveta Bay & Dan Kulkov

Success Stories


A fireside chat with Sveta Bay, co-founder of MakerBox. In this interview, Sveta talks about how she and her husband Dan became entrepreneurs and sheds light on the importance of marketing for indie hackers.

Instagram Growth Hacks for Content Creators: Use Reels

Becoming a Creator


Learn effective Instagram growth hacks for content creators, including leveraging Reels, utilizing new content creation features, adapting to changing hashtag trends, staying updated with Instagram's latest features, and aiming for the verification badge to maximize reach and growth.

How to Get 10,000 Instagram Followers in 30 Days: Your Ultimate Guide

Becoming a Creator


Discover a step-by-step plan to supercharge your Instagram growth and attract 10,000 followers within a month. Learn how to set the stage, optimize your profile, research content, plan your calendar, and craft compelling posts to make a lasting impression.

What we learned at YC 🧠🧐

Our Story


A transcript of Episode 7 of our Young, Scrappy, and Hungry Podcast

How to use trending TikTok sounds to boost your post

Marketing Tips, Making Money Online


Trending sounds on TikTok for the second week of May

Viral sounds you NEED for your Instagram Reels - May 2023

Marketing Tips, Making Money Online


The Top 10 Trending Sounds on Instagram in May 2023

From Dreams to Reality with Typedream: Kyleigh Smith

Success Stories


A fireside chat with Kyleigh Smith, the founder of Harold the Habit Tracker. In this interview, Kyleigh shares with us how she got started as an indie hacker and advice for aspiring solopreneurs!

ChatGPT gave me boring content ideas 😭 (and how I fixed it!) with Putri

Our Story


A transcript of Episode 6 of our Young, Scrappy, and Hungry Podcast

From Dreams to Reality with Typedream: Easlo the Notion Guy

Success Stories


A fireside chat with Easlo, where we discuss how he got from zero to one selling Notion templates and courses, and how he utilizes Typedream to create landing pages to market his digital products.

Our Free Plan Just Got Even Better 🎉

Market Analysis


Exciting news from Typedream: We've made our free tier even more generous, unlocking Blog and Form features for everyone!

Chasing hype cycles with Anthony and Kevin

Our Story


A transcript of Episode 5 of our Young, Scrappy, and Hungry Podcast

Pick up lines for user interviews with Michelle

Our Story


A transcript of Episode 4 of our Young, Scrappy, and Hungry Podcast

Overpromising with Kevin

Our Story


A transcript of Episode 3 of our Young, Scrappy, and Hungry Podcast

Increasing engineering productivity with Albert

Our Story


A transcript of Episode 2 of our Young, Scrappy, and Hungry Podcast

The importance of doing user interviews For a product designer with Putri

Our Story


A transcript of Episode 1 of our Young, Scrappy, and Hungry Podcast

2 am thoughts with Michelle

Our Story


A transcript of Episode 0 of our Young, Scrappy, and Hungry Podcast

I Got My “Extraordinary Ability” Visa 🇺🇸

Building a Company


A few years ago, if you ask this small-town girl how to be deemed as “Extraordinary” by the United States of America, I wouldn’t even dream of answering it. What is extraordinary? Working at Google? Building Google? It was a fantasy.

How We Structure Our Landing Page

Building a Website


A landing page is an essential part of product marketing. Let’s see how we build our landing page!

The Art of Copying

Building a Website


Like the title suggest, we’re breaking down how you can learn to build a website by copying other established website 👀

How We Got Typedream’s First 1,000 Customers

Building a Company


Breaking down how we, Typedream, got our first 1000 customers.

AI Design Tools for Web Developers and Creators

Building a Website


AI design software can offer a range of benefits to content creators and web designers, including increased productivity and efficiency, improved design quality, and enhanced collaboration and communication.

How to Sell Your Notion Pages as Templates

Tutorials, Making Money Online


We at Typedream use Notion for everything. From planning our tasks, tracking our work, and many more. If you’re like us, why not sell those pages as templates?

Early-Stage Companies Should Consider Marketing By Building In Public

Building a Company


Ever wonder what marketing plan suits your company the best when you're just starting out?

2023 Q1 Product Hunt Launches

Company Updates


Our 2023 is going to be packed with Product Hunt launches! 🚀 Planning to do 4 launches in Q1 2023 only 👇

How Link in Bios Prevent User Success According to Creators

Market Analysis


Are link in bios actually helping your visitors discover your works? Let’s break it down!

“If the product is good enough, it will market itself”. That’s BS

Building a Company


How did we able to get 100 affiliates in a week? How did we market it? What made it successful?

How To Start A User-Driven Approach To Software Development In A Startup Environment

Building a Company


Being a technical founder has its own challenges. One of the biggest challenges is prioritizing what to work on. Never ending features, improvements, & bugs to work on but it seems like there’s not enough time & resources. 🤦‍♀️ Check out how one of our founders, Putri Karunia, deals with it.

We Made A HUGE Mistake

Building a Company


Our first ProductHunt launch for Typedream was great (statistically) but we made a HUGE mistake

How to Develop a Unique and Memorable Brand Identity

Marketing Tips


As a startup founder and a digital creator, it is important to develop a brand identity that is both unique and memorable. This involves developing a brand voice and visual aesthetic distinct from your competitors while conveying your brand's core values.

Why We Think Y Combinator Accepted Us

Building a Company


Come and experience Typedream’s founders journey in pictures!

We Had to Fire Our Customers

Building a Company


Failure story: our Product Hunt launch was not all successful. We had to fire our customers.

How We Got Our First 10 Customers

Building a Company


The #1 mistake startup founders make is thinking they need a perfect product before launching 💁‍♀️ We, Typedream, actually got our first 10 customers, without having a product 😮

How I Avoid Burnout & Deal with Anxiety as a Founder

Building a Company


Being a founder is not easy, there’s always a thousand things going on at the same. Not knowing what comes next or if you’re doing enough can lead to burnout and anxiety. In this blog I’m sharing what I did to handle them.

Top 3 Ways to Make Money Online

Making Money Online


Several ways that the average person can start making their first dollar online and if done consistently can be a serious source of income.

Thoughts on The Current State of "Link in Bio" Websites

Market Analysis


Link in bios are great to share links, but how do they fare in terms of conversion? We interviewed a couple of big players on Twitter to learn about their pain points. Here's what they have to say about it.

How Typedream's Twitter Grew To 7K Followers

Building a Company


A phase-by-phase recap on how we grew Typedream's Twitter account to 7k followers in 1 year.

How to Add Apple-like Gradients to Your Website



Typedream offers a lot of pre-set gradients that you can just use on your website in 2 simple steps. Try it today at!

What we did to get Typedream #1 Product of the Day on ProductHunt

Building a Company, Marketing Tips


The strategies we took before, during, and after the launch.

How to Add Apple-like Cards to Your Website, NoCode!



If you’ve ever admired Apple’s card design on their website, you can do the same in 3 easy steps with no coding required.

Time to Branch Out to Other Social Medias for Marketing!

Marketing Tips


In the past year, I've grown Typedream’s Twitter account to 13.5k followers and my personal account to 9.7k followers via #buildinpublic. It's time to branch out to other social medias for 3 main reasons 👇

Building Typedream’s Mobile Version

Building a Company


I’m building Typedream’s Mobile Version to help mobile-first users build and edit their sites on the go! This is my progress in the first 2 weeks.

Doubling Down on More Sustainable, Long-Term Growth Efforts

Building a Company


As some of you might know, we launched the 2nd iteration of our product, Typedream CMS, to Product Hunt not too long ago. Now that we've launched, what's next for the team? We're doubling down on more sustainable, long-term growth efforts like Social Media Marketing & SEO 🤓⬇️

Typedream Tutorial: Build an Animated Personal Site



A fully-animated personal site designed for online and offline creators.

Assets to Elevate Your Website

Building a Website


Looking for awesome graphics to add to your site? Here are some fresh assets and tools curated by the Typedream team.

Choosing A Font to Make Your Landing Page Pop

Building a Website


Choosing a font for your site is not easy👀. Here's how we picked a font + a couple tips on how to make it POP on your site😉

Common Mistakes When Coming Up with Startup Ideas

Building a Company


“My startup idea has to be brilliant!”. Most successful companies were built from a good enough idea with an excellent execution.

How to Build a Startup 101

Building a Company


Target a big market, build an MVP with the least amount of tech, and launch!

Growing Your Email Audience

Increasing Conversion


A newsletter is a great way to keep your audience. After getting the initial signup, the goal is making those signups convert and keep coming back.

High Converting Landing Page

Building a Website, Tutorials


Understand your target audience and design the right sections to communicate your value in a compelling way.

How to Rank #1 on Google

Building a Website


Most searchers do not go past the first page of search results - this is why it is important for your website to rank on the first page of Google.

The Top 5 Link-in-Bio Tools in 2024 - Maximize Your Social Media Presence


Explore 2024's top link-in-bio tools, including Typedream, for enhancing your social media. Discover innovative features and choose the best fit for your digital strategy.

We're a remote software company, building online tools for creators, builders, and side hustlers. We quit our 9-5 to pursue our dreams, and we want to help others do the same.

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