Why We Think Y Combinator Accepted Us


Come and experience Typedream’s founders journey in pictures!

How did we get into Y Combinator?

Pretty sure it wasn’t our idea, metrics, or anything. It’s most probably because we were able to convince YC on how formidable our team is 👫

Look through our journey in 🖼 since 2015: freshman year of college 💁

Mar 2016: College spring break 🎢

Jul 2017: First hackathon together 🧑‍💻

Jun 2019: We graduated college 👩‍🎓

Oct 2019: Got into Y Combinator 🤯

Mar 2020: Graduated from YC right in the beginning of the pandemic 🦠

Jun 2021: Published to Tech In Asia 🥹

Sep 2021: Published to Forbes 😎

Mar 2022: Included in Forbes 30 Under 30 list 💸

We're far from successful but we're proud of our journey so far ❤️🔥

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