How Link in Bios Prevent User Success According to Creators


Are link in bios actually helping your visitors discover your works? Let’s break it down!

Are you a content creator? Or a small business owner? 😃

"Link-in-bio" will probably be your go-to way of telling people where to find your stuffs.

But have you ever stopped and think "is it actually helping people to discover my works?"

Let’s dissect it 💁‍♀️

How do visitors find your link-in-bio?

There are 3 scenarios that likely will happen:

1. They accidentally found you 👀\

When casually looking through their feed/FYP, your post caught their attention. It intrigued them to get to know more about you.

2. You yourself told them to check your "link-in-bio" 👆

Whether they found your post by chance or they were on a same event where you were speaking at, and you encouraged them to go to the link in your bio. You might be promoting some rewards or one of your contents.

3. They knew about you & wanted to see what's up with you these days 😏

They either heard about you before or they have been following you for a while and they just want to know what else you have to offer.

But after clicking on your link, can people really find that thing they're searching for? The specific one you're telling them to find?

You'd be surprised that a lot of them actually unable to achieve that. The biggest issue people usually come across is the lack of visual cues to help them break down the information 😔

People need something that can easily direct their focus to what they're looking for.

Now, let’s see how about the creator's perspective? 🧐

What do creators want from having a link-in-bio?

What are their goals?

3 main things we found creators want are to get visitors to:

1. See their other social media platform 🤳

2. Sign up to their mail listing, courses, etc. 📩

3. Buy their product/service/content, or share their affiliate links 🛒

What about the common problem creators have with the link-in-bio options that are currently available?

Yes! The lack of ability to put their personal touches into their links. Magic touches that will actually drive people to check on what their offering ✨

Whether they can't customize their link-in-bios to their needs and brand. Or it cannot be organized into digestible chunks of information. Or simply because they can't explain their products with just 1 button space for each product 🤦‍♀️

These issues are easily solvable with a desktop site, so why not just use that? 🤔

The answer is simple: Most people who access link-in-bio are mobile-first users. And they're not going to spend hours clicking on each of those buttons trying to find what their searching for.

This is why Typedream strives to build an ideal fit for both creators & visitors with Typedream Mobile.

We want to create the perfect mobile site layout that can help both parties reach their goals. Help us shape the next generation of mobile sites 😉

Join our waitlist at 💪

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