Top 3 Ways to Make Money Online


Several ways that the average person can start making their first dollar online and if done consistently can be a serious source of income.

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Hi there! I’m not a fake guru trying to teach you to make quick bucks and become an internet millionaire overnight. I’ll share with you several ways that the average person can start making their first dollar online and if done consistently can be a serious source of income.

The web enables people to make money online through selling services and digital or physical goods. We will explore all three throughout the weeks ahead. The promise of making money on the internet is that it will enable people to take control of space and time which is to work anywhere and anytime.

Let’s jump in!

One of the simplest ways to make money on the internet today is to sell digital goods. There are several formats of digital goods such as Templates, Videos, and Blogging.

The most important thing to consider before choosing what you’re going to do to make money on the web is by targeting a big market. If you choose to make a template then make sure that it’s for one of the biggest software on the internet; if you choose to sell videos make sure that it’s for a category that is highly searched; and lastly, if you want to create asset packs, you should make one that suits the needs of many.

Prior to starting you should use tools like marmalead to see what people are looking for and what people want.


Selling templates are one of the fastest ways to get started on selling digital products online. It usually begins by being a pro user of software that is widely used on the internet or by being a professional who has experience in working on a particular flow.

Easlo is one of the most prominent Notion creators who managed to cross $60,000 in 12 months selling Notion templates via Twitter. Check out his step by step tutorial on how to become one


Moreover, if you are a legal professional you can also create and sell business documents such as Avodocs, Clerky, and FirstBase.


Video subscriptions are one of the best business models on the web as you are able to sell something that you made once over and over again!

To start off, several of the most popular ways to sell video subscriptions are to make videos on health and fitness, new skills, and kids' content.

We can take a look at top fitness creators such as Chris Heria and Pamela Reif who have been consistent in uploading and marketing their fitness content from amateur YouTubers to fitness empires.

You can use platforms such as Teachable, Patreon, and Vimeo to sell your video subscriptions.


Up until recently, you can only make it as an internet creator if you have millions of followers or subscribers. However, platforms like Substack, Ghost, and WordPress have enabled creators with 1000 true fans to actually make a living!

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