Our Free Plan Just Got Even Better 🎉


Exciting news from Typedream: We've made our free tier even more generous, unlocking Blog and Form features for everyone!

Since many of you want to try our Blog & Form features before committing to the paid plan, we've decided to make our free tier even more generous by unlocking Blog and Form features for everyone (up to 100 submissions)! 🎉 Insights from this journey👇

1️⃣ By offering more value in our free tier, we've seen our user base grow significantly. This growth shows that a well-designed free tier can attract more users who can later become paying customers once they experience the benefits firsthand. 🔥

2️⃣ Some premium features stay in our paid tier. We found that some features, like connecting a custom domain, remain attractive to users as paid-only features 🤔 

Understanding what users value most is essential for creating a sustainable pricing strategy 💼

3️⃣ The 100 submissions limit for Blog and Form in our free tier was a strategic choice. Our research revealed that users with >100 submissions are more committed and willing to pay for these features. This insight helps us cater to serious users 🌟

All in all, pricing is a journey full of trial and error. The key is to strike a balance between a generous free tier and valuable paid features 👌

Check out our upgraded pricing here.

We hope sharing our learnings on pricing plans helps other founders and creators out there. Remember, free doesn't have to mean less valuable 😉

Thank you for being a part of our journey at Typedream! 🌐

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