How Typedream's Twitter Grew To 7K Followers


A phase-by-phase recap on how we grew Typedream's Twitter account to 7k followers in 1 year.

Growing a company acc is WAY HARDER than growing a personal acc because everything we do strikes as a "marketing effort" to our followers, no personal touch 💔🤖

How did we grow Typedream's Twitter account to 7k followers then?

Slowly but surely with the help of our frens ❤️‍🔥

1. Initial Boost (0-500 followers)

Our hoomans started #buildinginpublic where we shared our idea behind Typedream.

This got us an initial number of followers who were interested in the idea, which includes Guillermo Rauch from Vercel who then tweeted about us & gave us a HUGE BOOST 📈🥹 thanks!

2. Build FOMO (500-1,000 followers)

Since some people really wanted to jump up our waitlist & get access, we decided to bump those who tweeted about us 📣

This garnered even more attention from the public and increased our follower count to 1,000.

3. Product Hunt Launch (1,000-2,000 followers)

We had a successful Product Hunt launch that got us 3 awards: Product of the Day, Product of the Week, and Product of the Month, with 3,000+ upvotes 🏆

By the end of the month, we had 2,000 followers.

4. Shoutouts from the community (2,000-7,000 followers), consistently for 9 months and counting ❤️‍🔥 You know who you are 🥹

TL;DR Nurture your community, they are the 🔑 to your success!

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