How Typedream's Twitter Grew To 7K Followers


A phase-by-phase recap on how we grew Typedream's Twitter account to 7k followers in 1 year.

Phase 1: 0-500 followers

We started our Twitter account back in 2021 with a tweet of an upcoming teaser video of Typedream. That tweet got the attention of over 100 people and quickly got us over the 100 follower threshold in about 1 week. After that we had Guillermo Rauch, Vercel CEO, quote tweet us and it took us to more than 300 followers in the 2nd week. By the end of the month, our teaser video had over 5000 views on Twitter

Phase 2: 500 - 1000 followers

This stage is dominated by the Typedream team building in public. When we were building in public we opened up 2 waitlists via Product Hunt's ship and our very own waitlist page. The function of this waitlist page was for us to be able to interview every single potential user and build the product according to their feedback. Within the first month, we had over 200 people who waitlisted to use Typedream.

We started building out the MVP according to the teaser video and left everything else for the users to decide. As we interviewed our users, we tweeted about them. The tweets included a picture/video of our virtual interview and what they wanted from a next-generation website builder. This got the attention of many other users who also wanted to help shape the website builder of their dream.

Eventually, we started giving out beta access to users who have interviewed with us and encouraged them to create content around their experience in using Typedream. These zealous users of Typedream tweeted about how simple it was and how life-changing it was to build websites using Typedream. Hence, it garnered even more attention from the public, and they populated our waitlist beyond 1000 people.

The only way for people to get access to Typedream was to go through the waitlist and get interviewed, this angered hundreds. We had people knocking at our gates and to appease them we made a SIMP program where waitlisted users can generate content on how badly they wanted to use Typedream across all social media. This propelled us to 1000 followers and beyond on Twitter.

Here are examples of the simp content that our users put out on social media.

Phase 3: 1000+ followers

This phase is separated into two parts. The first one was our successful Product Hunt launch that got us three awards which are Product of the Day, Product of the Week, and Product of the month. We got over 3000 upvotes for Typedream's launch in July of 2021. Let's unravel how we got over 3000 upvotes in the first place.

We had built a waitlist of more than 1000 users for over 3 months using Product Hunt's ship and we built our own waitlist with over 500 users. We grew our Twitter following to over 1000 users prior to the Product Hunt launch. The combination of both the waitlist and the Twitter following allowed us to reach out to over 2000 people on our launch day.

During our launch day, our dreamers (that's what we call our users lol) came through. They quickly bombarded the upvote button on Product Hunt and shared it on social media. This got the attention of many no-coders on Twitter with followings over 5K and we got them to tweet about us. By the end of the month, we had over 2000 followers on Twitter.

Growing beyond 2000 followers, we kept relying on the users that love Typedream with all their hearts that they shared about their experiences in their communities. We grew to over 7000 followers on Twitter organically through the tweets of our power users, enterprise customers, and no-code communities. Building an audience this large was truly an incredible journey that motivated us to grow even further.

The Next Challenge

We are now trying to expand our reach beyond the Twitter bubble as we grow our Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube accounts. We are learning a lot and we can't wait to share it with the rest of you once we gain a significant number of followers on those 3 platforms. See you guys on the next one!

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