We Made A HUGE Mistake


Our first ProductHunt launch for Typedream was great (statistically) but we made a HUGE mistake

Our 1-liner was "As easy as Notion, as pretty as Webflow". Although Typedream can be used to build most landing pages showcased on Webflow, people expected us to have Webflow's fancy functionalities.

What we wanted (and still want) to be: a quick and easy way for founders, digital creators, and web3 frens to launch their websites 🚀 with our beautiful default, opinionated design 🎨 so people don't have to worry about learning how to design/hiring a designer.

Sure, most people don't require the fancy functionalities Webflow has, but still, we mislead our potential customers by delivering the WRONG MESSAGE 🙅‍♀️📪.

Result of this mistake: for the first few months after our ProductHunt launch, we received a BUNCH of feature requests to reach feature parity with Webflow.

⬆️ expectations for a smol team of 5 😨 

... completely our fault.

Time for another ProductHunt launch and we'll make sure to get it right fingerscrossed.

Hope our failure becomes a valuable lesson for you! "Do not mislead your customers by delivering the wrong message".

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