Last edited on Oct 8, 2021

Setting up your Website


Start your site from a template or from scratch:

Section Template

Even if you start from scratch, you can quickly get the barebones done using our /section-templates for your Hero section, Features section, Footer, and more.

Navbar and CTA/Button

Add a navigation bar using the "Add Navbar" button.

Type /button to add a CTA.


Containers as Cards

By setting the style of the container to Card, the container will automatically have a rounded corner and drop shadow.

Containers as section backgrounds

By setting the container width to Max-Width and stretch it vertically, you can use it as a section. You can put all your contents inside that container, and then set a background on the container to make it appear as a section.

Example: "Templates & Examples" section

Link to a section on your page

Link a button to jump to a specific section on your site. Here's an example:

Guide: click here.

Rearrange Pages

Rearrange your pages: top-level pages and subpages.


  • Top level pages: Home page, Pricing Page, and Announcement Page

  • Subpages inside the Announcement page: Jul announcement, Aug announcement, etc.

You can nest these subpages under your top-level Announcement page:

Collapse / Hide Side Bar

Collapse the side bar to focus on editing:

Mobile Options

You can now change some options for mobile view. For example, for Columns, you can change the stacking in mobile to be horizontal or vertical, giving you more control on the elements that you have on your site.

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