Building Your First Website

This page is created to guide you through what you can build in Typedream and how to start building them.

Typedream's Features

Typedream is all-in-one tool for running your digital creator business and we have a few features that can help you with that.

Sell digital products

Where you can build checkout pages and effortlessly accept payments for your digital products and links.

Landing page and link in bio builder

To help you sell more effectively, we also have a landing page and a link in bio builder.

The landing page builder is a simple drag & drop builder and is very easy to use. You can start from scratch or use a template and customize it to your likings.

The link in bio builder is a grid-based editor that allows you to highlight important links or group together a series of links in a swipe-able card.


With forms, you can start collecting emails on your landing page, or create a contact form, or any other types of form you need.

Email Marketing

With email marketing, you can start sending emails to contacts from your forms, from your product customers, or upload your own mailing lists.


With blogs, you can start running a blog and share valuable content to your audience.


The dashboard is where you can find all your content and settings.

In the dashboard, you'll see tabs for each type of content. The All tab contains all kinds of content that you've made. You can filter to see only the specific type of content by clicking each category tab on the top of the dashboard. Or you can also go to the left sidebar and click each category to see the content on that category.

When you first start, your dashboard will look empty. You can start by clicking the purple + Add New... button on the top right of the dashboard and choose which content you'd like to make. Or you can click on the plus sign (+) on the left sidebar next to each category name.

In addition to your content, you'll find settings for your site on the left sidebar, like Site Settings, Custom Domains, Analytics, etc. You can access more detailed settings for your site by clicking Site Settings.

Help and Resources

If you encounter any issues or need guidance from our team, you can click Help & Resources on the bottom left of the editor or on the left sidebar of the dashboard.

There are a few ways that you can do to get help. You can read our guides by clicking Help, Guides & Documentation and choosing the guide that suits your needs.

If you need to talk to our support team, click Get Support and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We also have Resources and Tutorials that you can check out to help you experience Typedream better.

Adding & Editing Your Content

As easy as placing your cursor anywhere and start typing. You can add any block, like buttons, images, videos, and many more.

Setting Up Your Website

Whether you start from scratch or start with a template, you can customize and build your site easily.

Publishing Your Site

Make your webpage accessible to everyone by publishing it live on the internet.

Connect a Custom Domain

Easily link your existing or new domain to your Typedream website.

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