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Advanced Customization

Learn How to Create, Customize, and Share Your Content Easily.

Linking to Specific Sections

Lets people easily move through your page, making it simpler to use and improving how others find information.

Linking to Typedream Pages

Connect Different Pages Within Your Typedream Site for an Easy-to-Use Website Layout.

Using Custom Gradients on Texts

Make Your Texts Stand Out! Add Unique Color Blends to Your Texts in Typedream—No Complicated Stuff Needed.

How to Change Font Sizes

Customize Text Sizes on Your Typedream Site for Better Readability and Your Preferred Look.

How to Change Navbar Color

Personalize Your Navbar Colors on Typedream to Match Your Site's Style or Your Preference.

How to Use Custom Fonts

Add Special Fonts to Your Typedream Website for a Unique Touch.

How to Add a Video

Embed videos in your Typedream site for captivating content.ont

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