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Landing Page Builder

Create stunning landing pages effortlessly with our intuitive tool. No coding needed; simply drag and drop elements to design your page.

Quick Start Guide

New to Typedream? Our quick guide gets you up and running in minutes, making website building for beginners.

Adding and Editing Content

Easily add and edit content by simply dragging and dropping. Move blocks around to customize your page exactly how you want it.

Start Typing

Get started by simply clicking and typing anywhere on your page.

Add Blocks

Quickly add different content blocks to your page, from text and images to videos and forms.


Link your content seamlessly by adding hyperlinks to text or images. Connect your pages or external URLs effortlessly.

Drag & Drop, Adding Columns

Rearrange your page by dragging and dropping elements. Work in columns easily to structure your content effectively.

Resizing Element

Resize elements for better customization.

Utilizing Custom Fonts and Sizes

Personalize your content by choosing from a variety of fonts and sizes to make your website stand out.

Enhancing Visuals with Videos

Make your website more engaging by easily adding videos to complement your content visually.

Managing Pages and Sections

Effortlessly organize and oversee your website's pages and sections, ensuring a structured layout for easy navigation.

Protecting Pages Using Passwords or Tokens

Secure specific pages by adding passwords or unique tokens to restrict access only to authorized individuals.

Handling Sub-pages

Create and manage sub-pages to organize your website's content in a structured manner.

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