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This guide should answer most of the frequently asked questions regarding custom domain.

I've connected my domain, but it's still showing invalid configuration

Once DNS records have been changed, they can take a while to propagate, which means global DNS providers recognize they have been changed. A custom domain added to Typedream will appear as invalid until this process is complete and full propagation has been achieved.

It's stuck at "Invalid Configuration" or "Configuring SSL" after more than 1 hour.

The indicator might be lagging. Check by:

If you can access your site on your browser using https with no problem, then you're good to go

I'm trying to add CNAME to www or other name, but it's showing an error

Common errors looks like:

GoDaddy Error Examples:

Other Provider Error Example

To fix this, check if you have any conflicting A, AAAA, CNAME, ALIAS, or ANAME record with the same name or host. You need to delete any conflicting records.

Delete any conflicting records before adding a new one

Why do I see a warning about CNAME Flattening?

If you're seeing this, that means you've connected your root/apex domain to Typedream (something.com instead of www.something.com). This requires you to add a CNAME to your root domain. Not all providers allow this.

Read the documentation about CNAME Flattening and what to do if your domain provider doesn't support it.

I added a redirect from mydomain.comwww.mydomain.com but it's showing "404 Unknown Deployment"

Check the instructions for the redirect part, if you see that you need to add some TXT record, that means your domain is still connected to Vercel. You will have to remove it from both your Project AND Vercel Account (yes, there are 2 places to remove it).

You'll need to go to your account in Vercel and remove that domain from both:

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