CMS Guide

All you need to know about the Content Management System (CMS) in Typedream.


What is CMS?

Content Management System (CMS) is a feature that allows you to display data from a database, like Notion, Airtable, etc.

Get started with CMS from scratch

Start using CMS to build a blog from scratch. In this guide, we’ll explore how you can set up a new collection and edit the items inside

Editing your items: add content to your collection items

Edit your collection items, add content, update columns, and publish! You’ll be able to edit your blog posts or products right in Typedream.

Editing your items: change how your collection and item pages look

Customize how your collection and item page view is presented by editing a template, toggling different settings, and more.

Importing rich text content directly from Notion

Type all your content on a Notion page and transfer them over to your item page on CMS with a couple of clicks.


Build a Blog with Notion + Typedream

Build a Knowledge Base with Notion + Typedream

Build a Directory with Notion + Typedream

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