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Editing your items: add content to your collection items

Putri Karunia2022-05-31

Edit your collection items, add content, update columns, and publish! You’ll be able to edit your blog posts or products right in Typedream.


Now that your collection is set up, you should be able to edit each collection item on Typedream.

There are 2 ways you can access the items:

1. Click "Edit Item" in the Collection View

2. Go to the items table, then click "Edit Item"

Once you're in the item page editor, you can view your columns on the left sidebar, and type your content in the middle space under "Rich Text Content".

The content you wrote inside "Rich Text Content" will replace the "Rich Text Content" element inside the template.


Click Preview on the top right, and you'll be able to see how this blog is going to look like.


Click Publish to publish your site.

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