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Build a Blog, Directory, and more with CMS!



Add a blog to your site to improve SEO and content marketing.

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10 Website Design Process Steps for a High Converting Website

Michelle Marcelline


Common Mistakes When Coming Up with Startup Ideas

Michelle Marcelline


Founders Marketing: Build in Public

Michelle Marcelline

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Knowledge Base

Build a knowledge base and help customers find what they need

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Getting Started

Get started with building your site on Typedream. We’ll go over the basics of adding text, images, up to publishing your site.

Your First Page

Place your cursor anywhere and start typing to add texts, images, buttons, and more. Design

Adding Integrations

Find out how to integrate external tools to your Typedream site. Starting from email collection, memberships, to chat bot integration.

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Share a list of tools, products, or links to your community

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Spreadsheets, Databases

A super-flexible database, with a spreadsheet interface and connections to your favourite NoCode tools


Website Builder

A website builder with a familiar text-editing interface and beautiful built-in defaults



The simplest way to create forms. Create forms for all purposes in seconds. Without knowing how to code

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