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Gumroad landing pages are boring.

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Here's 9 steps to build a REAL landing page with Typedream:

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Shoutout to @michwirantono for helping me build my @typedreamHQ profile! Really loving this layout~

I miss my old hair cut sometimes 💇🏻🥲

Harsh Makadia


Love Typedream, I always loved the design I used for my landing page. Simple to build, easy to deploy. Can't thank you enough for all your generosity!

Aprilynne Alter


Just put up my new link in bio! 🎉

It's something I've been putting off for a while, and it feels SO GOOD to finally have it up

(thanks @typedreamHQ for the beautiful design!)

P.S. I've included something here that I haven't officially launched yet - can you spot it 👀

Dan Kulkov 🧲


Thank you team!! Typedream is amazing. Everyone is asking how did we build such a beautiful landing page.

💜 you!

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