Last edited on June 22, 2021

Sharing a template in the Marketplace.

You should have been able to share a page as a template following this guide. You can also share these templates in the Marketplace as a free template or as a paid template.


You need to already know how to share a page as a template:

Steps to sell a paid template

  1. Make your hard to guess, and only share the duplicate link to paying customers

  2. Set up a Custom Domain so you can demo your template without revealing your

  3. Sell your template on Gumroad or Stripe, reveal the duplicate link ( ) when a customer paid

  4. (Optional) Set up a Profile page with all your templates so users can find more templates made by you

  5. Fill in this form to submit your template to be listed on the Marketplace

Step 1: How to only allow paying customers to duplicate your template?

Right now, if you set your page's settings Share as a template to True, then anyone can enter your in and they can duplicate your page.

Anyone who typed in your here can duplicate your page.

To allow only paying customers to duplicate your page:

  • Make your Site URL ( ) unique and hard to guess. To update your Site URL, go to Site Settings > Site URL.

Take this as the "password" to access your site. For example, you can make your Site URL .

This means, you can't use this Site URL as the demo link when filling up the form on step 5. You will need to use a custom domain. If you can't use a custom domain to demo your site, let us know in the form on Step 5.

  • Only share your Duplicate Link ( ) to people who already paid for your template.

Step 2: Set up a Custom Domain for your template site

If you keep your a secret, then you'll need to set up a Custom Domain for your site so you can share a Demo Link for users to preview your templates.

Step 3: Sell your template on Gumroad or Stripe


Go to Gumroad, set up an account, and start creating a product.

  • Pick "Classic"

  • Under "Content", pick Redirect to a URL after purchase

  • Enter your duplicate link


  • Create a Product, then press "Create Payment Link" (or you can go to the Payment links tab and create a link there)

  • When a customer made a purchase, email them with your Duplicate Link

Step 4: Create a Profile Page (optional)

You can set up a page on Typedream to share about yourself and other templates that you've built so users can check them out.

Step 5: Fill in the form to submit your template

Fill in this form to submit your template for review. Once we've reviewed your template, we'll let you know when it's live.

Please contact us at our Slack channel for help.

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