User-facing filters on CMS


On CMS, you can now add filter tabs for site visitors. A common use case for these filter tabs is to allow visitors to browse your collection items by category. Filter tabs are available for columns that have the “select” or “multi-select” tab on Notion.

To add filter tabs, go into Settings for your CMS collection. Then, navigate to the Sort & Filter tab. In the “Filter tabs for visitors” section, select an eligible column from the dropdown, then choose your tab style and color. Click “Save filter tabs →” to finish.

Fixes and improvements

  • Added text-only dropdown menu item style
  • Show Text style without having to select the text
  • Fixed add new block appears at the very bottom
  • Import Notion page bug: when importing empty page, the page become "[]”
  • Fixed crash on filterCurrentItem
  • Fixed Indicator always shows draftstatus, never savedon some sites
  • Updated style of dropdown menu item with icon and title
  • Made the list item indent correctly
  • Fixed cannot add text animation to 1 word only
  • Change info banner in RTC editor
  • Reduce spacing between dropdown navbar items

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