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Horizontal scroll on mobile


With the new update, you can now make a horizontal scroll on mobile view.

To make a horizontal scroll on mobile view, type /column and add anything you want on the columns. Then on the right editor menu, go to Advanced tab and on the mobile section choose Horizontal > Scroll.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix drag and drop into empty accordion
  • Fix Word wrap on accordion
  • Fix create new block when there's no selection
  • Add alignment settings for text, image, and button
  • Fix mobile publish link to show current page's link
  • Add preview popup to preview a whole page
  • Add options to edit text and icon colors in list of buttons
  • Fix text animation vertical alignment
  • Drop item into empty container
  • Fix preview alignment, scroll, and background
  • Fix crash on connect new collection data
  • Fixes mobile build error
  • Fix background images not optimized
  • Fix broken horizontally stacked column styling on mobile view

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