You can now add accordion to your site. The accordion can be set into 3 different styles: Plain, Card, and Button.

With our accordion feature, you’ll be able to create collapsible/expandable headers, which can come in handy when building an FAQ section on your website.

To add accordion to your site, simply type /accordion in a new block, then drag and drop items into the space provided.

Fixes and improvements

  • Container and column auto height
  • Fix MediaEmbed styling not rendering whitespaces properly
  • Fix nodeId normalize timing
  • Fix horizontal stack with images
  • Fix images with links in columns
  • Fix cropping logic for images in list items
  • Fix embed cannot be dragged
  • Fix image preview and remove border radius from img
  • Fix importing video from Notion
  • Fix page not updating after navigating to new site
  • Add undo redo and bottom toolbar
  • Fixes dependency issue with undo/redo

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