Typedream x Tally.

A guide on how to add forms to your website

How does this integration work?


Create a landing page on Typedream


Embed your Tally form on your page


Users fill in your form and you collect the data


Collecting user information

You can use Tally to make a form that asks your users questions and allows them to fill in with answers. Tally also supports logic forms that lets its users to create forms with jumps, if this then that, and many more.

Adding Tally to Typedream.

Step 1

Go to tally.so
Create an account
Create a new form

Step 2

Go to the Share tab
Copy the share link

Step 3

Type "/embed"
Choose link
Paste the form's shareable link on the embed


But wait, what's Tally?

Tally is a simple form builder that works like a document. It is very easy to use and has many features such as collaboration, custom domains, partial submissions, and many more! Tally is a FREE option and you can adjust the embed styles (background, width, height, etc.).

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