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Introducing Typedream Forms, where you can create, edit, and embed a form directly from Typedream.

To embed a form, type /form > Connect Form. You can choose to embed an existing form or create a new one.

To view & edit your existing forms, or review submissions, go to Site Settings. In the Experimental section, open Forms and click on any forms you want. You can also create a new form here.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix background video rendering on mobile
  • Fix CMS filter tabs with left-column style responsive
  • CMS Fix rollup for images
  • Fix some section templates cannot be inserted
  • Fix can not drag column when column item resize handler is overlapping with drag grabber
  • Fix dropdown menu with a URL in the root cannot be opened from iPad
  • Fix text inside accordion is not full width
  • Fix accordion items showing all icons
  • Fix hidden features on accordion
  • Fix image upload in sync container editor
  • Fix dark mode on sync container editor
  • Fixes images not optimized on navbar

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