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Typedream x Nutshell

A guide on how to grow your signups right from your site

Email Collection/Opt-In

How does this integration work?


First, create a landing page on Typedream


Second, embed your Nutshell form on your page


Then, users fill in your form and you collect the data


Stress-free sales and marketing

Give your customers a way to get in touch. Design and embed simple web forms, track their effectiveness, and reach out to form-fillers in a few clicks.

Adding Nutshell to Typedream.

Step 1: Create an account

Go to nutshell.com
Create an account

Step 2: Customize your form

Click + on the menu and choose Form
Choose from the templates or start from scratch
Customize your form and click Save form once you've finished

Step 3: Add Nutshell to Typedream

Click Embed form
Copy the shareable URL
Go to Typedream and type /embed > Link
Paste the link and click Embed link & iframe


But wait, what's Nutshell?

Nutshell provides an all-in-one growth software featuring CRM, email marketing, and contact management to help sales teams close more deals.


We’re building a built-in Forms feature! Help us build a better feature for you!


Start building your dream site today.

The world needs to see your awesome idea.

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