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Typedream x NoCodeMapApp

A guide on how to add interactive maps to your website.


How does this integration work?


First, create a Typedream site


Second, build and customize a map on NoCodeMapApp


Then, add the map on to your Typedream site


Build interactive maps

Show and tell Show, don't tell. Leverage the power of a digital map and build a closer customer engagement.

Agency-quality with <10% of the cost Build a completely customised map from colour theme to filters, no coding required.

Increase foot traffic & lead generation Optimize foot-traffic and lead generation with auto-generated  custom filters & call-to-action.

Adding NoCodeMapApp to Typedream.

Step 1

Create an account or sign in

Step 2

Select a map template and customize it
Publish your map

Step 3

Copy the iframe code under "Embed to Website"
In the Typedream editor, create an embed block by typing /embed
Paste link and click on Embed link & iframe


But wait, what's NoCodeMapApp?

The easiest way to build custom interactive maps with dynamic filters. You can build interactive maps, interactive timelines, event calendars, restaurant listings, hotel searches, finding a distributor, neighborhood maps, property listings, and portfolio maps in one minutes with your spreadsheet, no coding required.


Start building your dream site today.

The world needs to see your awesome idea.

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