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Typedream x Meta Pixel

A guide on how to track your website visitors activities


How does this integration work?


First, create a landing page on Typedream


Second, inject your Meta Pixel code to your website


Then, track your website visitors activities 


Track your website analytics

With one snippet of Meta Pixel code, you can measure, optimize, and build highly targeted audiences for your ad campaigns, resulting in more conversions, more revenue, and better ROI for your business.

Adding Meta Pixel to Typedream.

You have to have a Facebook account to be able to use Meta Pixel. If you don’t please create a Facebook account first.

Step 1

Go to Connect data sources
Tick Web and click Connect
Enter a name for your pixel and click Create Pixel
Enter your website URL and click Next
Choose Conversions API and Meta pixel and click Next

Step 2

Go to Data sources
Choose your data source
Click Continue Pixel Setup
Choose Install Code Manually
Click Copy code

Step 3

Go to Typedream and open Site Settings
Open Code Injection
Paste in Site Header
Click Update Settings

Done! 🎉

More resources 📕

How to Track Button Clicks for Analytics →

But wait, what's Meta Pixel?

The Meta Pixel is a piece of code that you put on your website that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website.


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