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Typedream x Memberstack

A guide on how to set up memberships and gated content on your site


How does this integration work?


First, create a website on Typedream


Second, apply Memberstack signup wall


Then, users pay you to access content on your site


Control your funnel

A membership functionality allows you to establish multiple access tiers on your site. While you have some content you might want to offer for free, you can also choose to monetize others by setting up members-only pages.

Activate your onboarding flow

With Memberstack on Typedream, you can add sleek sign-up / login forms to bring your user community together.

Adding Memberstack to Typedream.

Step 1: Create a website

Under Setup Checklist, click Create a website

Click + Add Website

Select Webflow for now

Configure your website's settings

Step 2: Create a membership

Under Setup Checklist, click Create a membership

Click + New Membership

Configure your membership

Step 3: Install header code

Under Setup Checklist, click Install header code

Click Copy Code

Go to Typedream → Site SettingsCode Injection. Paste the code you copied to Site Header

Step 4: Add a sign up form to your website

Go to Forms & FieldsMemberships page

Click Signup Link and copy the link

Insert the link to an element on your website (e.g. a text, button)

But wait, what's Memberstack?

Memberstack is a plug-and-play membership backend app that you can easily integrate on your website. The app supports user signups, gated content, and secure payments. Memberstack is used by cool startups like Polar Analytics and Alura.


Start building your dream site today.

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