In this guide, we are going to use Waitlist to create a waitlist in our page.

Create a waitlist in getwaitlist.com

  1. Go to getwaitlist.com and create an account, then create a new waitlist.

  2. Once you've created a waitlist, head to the Widget Builder section, then open the Code Snippet tab. You'll see the code that you can embed to Typedream.

3. We need to modify this code. Replace {YOUR API KEY} and {YOUR WAITLIST LINK} to your API Key and waitlist link.

4. You can find your API Key and waitlist link in the Overview tab.

Embedding the waitlist in Typedream

  1. In your page, add an /embed block > Code.

2. Paste in the code that you copied from getwaitlist.com, with the api key and waitlist url updated.

3. Press insert code.

🎉 That's it, you should see the waitlist now.

It might look weird in the editor, you should open the Preview to see how it looks.

It should look something like this:

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