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Last edited on May 30, 2022


Upgrade to our Launch plan or higher to get a 1-year free .xyz domain in partnership with .xyz!

We will email you the promo code once you upgrade.

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Your domain will be suspended within a week if you don’t click a verification link sent to your email address.

Before starting, remove any conflicting AAAA, A, or CNAME record that has the same name from your current DNS records.

Adding CNAME record

  1. Log in to .xyz and go to "My Account" → "Manage"
  2. Under My Domains, click Manage on the domain you'd like to connect to your Typedream site
  3. Scroll down to Nameservers and make sure Use default nameservers is selected
  4. Click Manage DNS
  5. Select A New Record under the records table
  6. Under Record Type, select CNAME
  7. For example, if you are seeing an instruction like below, then fill in the following:
    1. Host: www (this might be different for you)
    2. Points to: render-3.ontypedream.com (this might be different for you)
  8. Do the same thing to add the A record this time (to redirect your www to your main host)
  9. Save.

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