Getting Started

Welcome to Typedream 🙌 ! Here are some basics to get you started:

This tutorial is also available at our Getting Started page.

1. Type / to insert

A text, an image, an embed, and just about anything else!

Try it now! Type /button below

replace this text

2. Drag to make columns

Drag to the left or right of a block to make columns. Drag more blocks to add more columns.

Dragging to the right of a block to make columns

Try it now! Drag Column 2 to the right of Columns 1

Column 1

Some text inside column 1

Column 2

Some text inside column 2

3. Resize elements

You can grab the purple handles on any element to resize it.

Try it now! Resize the Columns below to make it wider.

This is

Some text inside column 1

too tight!

Some text inside column 2


Some text inside column 3


Some text inside column 4

4. Containers

A container is a box where you can put multiple things inside, like texts, images, columns, etc.

The Container is a way to group multiple things into one group.

Try it now! Type /container to make a container.

5. Containers as Cards

To make cards, create a container, then change the style from Plain to Card.

Select on the container and change the style to Card.

Using Cards

Here are some examples of how to use cards to enhance your site.

Highlight features

Highlighting features of your product or services using cards can help make your site look more professional.

Showcase your work

Include pictures of your work using cards to help emphasize those images.

6. Container as a Background

You can also use containers to make a background for a section of your site.


This text is inside a container.

You can resize a container to max-width and add a background image.

You're good to go! 🎉

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Press Empty Page to start over with a blank page

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