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Typedream x Mintplex x Pinata Submarine

A guide on how to create an NFT minting page.

NFT Mint

Rampp.xyz has rebranded to Mintplex.xyz

How does this integration work?


First, create a landing page on Typedream


Second, embed your Mintplex x Pinata "mint button" on your page


Then, users mint your NFT


NFT Minting Page

Mintplex is typically used to create an embeddable mint button you can take your contract anywhere!

Pinata Submarine, is typically used to share unlockable, exclusive content (NFT-gated media).

Deploy a contract with Mintplex, set unlockable content with Submarine.me (Pinata), and copy the button to your Typedream site to create a minting page.

Adding Mintplex x Pinata Submarine to Typedream.

Step 1

Go to mintplex.xyz
Create an account
Follow the getting started guide to "Setup Images and Metadata on IPFS" and "Create Custom Smart Contract"

Contact Mintplex support if you need assistance setting up your Mintplex Project (mintplex.xyz and open the chat bubble on the bottom right corner)

[Optional] Step 2

Go to pinata.cloud

Contact Pinata Submarine support if you need assistance setting up your Pinata Submarine Project (channel: #request-help)

Step 3

Go back to Mintplex.xyz
Click on the "Mint Button & Landing Page" step on Mintplex and choose "Embeddable widget"
Copy the embed code provided by Mintplex

Step 4

Go to Typedream and type "/embed"
Choose "Code" and paste the code provided by Mintplex


But wait, what's Minmtplex Pinata Submarine?

Mintplex is a DAO + platform that enables you to launch your next big NFT project with ease and no-code. With Mintplex, you own and control everything about your project. From the smart contract to the art.

Submarining is a new feature in the Pinata app that allows users to make an IPFS file they upload private from the public IPFS network. This capability allows people to attach data to an NFT and control who can view it based on ownership of the NFT.


Start building your dream site today.

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