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Typedream x Medium

A guide on how you can push your blog content to your site


How does this integration work?


First, create a website on Typedream


Second, use CMS to connect your blog content to your site


Then, let users read your Medium posts directly from your website


Turn your website into a blog

You can use Medium to write a story to post at your website.

Adding Medium to Typedream.

Step 1

Go to medium.com
Create an account
Create at least one post & publish it

You have to own a Zapier & Notion account to continue the steps below

Step 2

Go to your Zapier editor and create a zap
For the Trigger part, choose RSS by Zapier as your app and New Item in Feed as your event. Click Continue.
Put your Medium feed URL. It should be https://medium.com/feed/@yourusername. You can find your username in your Medium Settings > Username & subdomain. You don't need to change other setups and click Continue.
Test the trigger and click Continue when the trigger works. It should say We found a new item in feed!

Step 3

Go to your Notion and create a table database
Click the ••• on the top right corner and add Zapier as a connection
Go back to Zapier
For the Action part, choose Notion as your app and Create Database Item as your event. Click Continue.
Connect your Notion account and click Continue
Choose the table database that you've created and set up in which field you want the content to be. Click Continue.
Test action and publish Zap when it succeed. You should be able to find your post uploaded on your Notion database.

Step 4

Go to Typedream and type /collection
Click Select Collection Template and choose your template
Click Connect new data
Click Connect Notion and connect your Notion to Typedream
Choose the table database that you've used for Zapier and click Connect Table
Once connected, there should be a page created with CMS database inside. You can also edit the content directly from there.


But wait, what's Medium?

The best ideas can change who we are. Medium is where those ideas take shape, take off, and spark powerful conversations. We’re an open platform where over 100 million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to the surface. Our purpose is to spread these ideas and deepen understanding of the world.


Start building your dream site today.

The world needs to see your awesome idea.

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