Typedream x icons8.

A guide on how to effortlessly add stunning visual assets to your site

How does this integration work?


Create a Typedream site


Browse icons8 and download free icons or illustrations


Add them to your site and impress your users

Example assets.

Adding icons8 on Typedream.

Step 1

Go to icons8 
Download an icon/illustration you like

Step 2

Open the Typedream editor

For Illustrations:

Insert an image block by typing /image and upload the image you downloaded earlier

For Icons:

Insert a button block by typing /button , add icon, and upload the icon you downloaded earlier


But wait, what's icons8?

icons8 is a library that provides free icons, animations, illustrations, photos, music, and more for your website design needs.

Start building your dream site today.

The world needs to see your awesome idea.

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