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Last updated at Mar 22, 2023

Using Domains Used In Another Vercel Account

If you have your own Vercel Account and would like to deploy projects under your Vercel Account, as well as use Typedream to serve your landing page, you can do the following:

Let's say you own the domain example.com, and want to run your project under app.example.com , and use Typedream for your landing page at example.com

Before you start

If you already connected example.com or any subdomain of example.com to Typedream, and is having trouble adding app.example.com to your Vercel Account:

  1. Remove your domain from Typedream > Site Settings > Custom Domain

  2. Ask our support team to fully disconnect the domain from Typedream's Vercel Account.

Delegating www.example.com to Typedream

  1. Add app.example.com to your deployment in your Vercel Account. This will make example.com to be owned by your Vercel account.

  2. Delegate www.example.com to Typedream's Account:
    1. Simply connect www.example.com in Typedream > Site Settings > Custom Domain
    2. It will show you DNS records that you need to add, this is usually a CNAME or A record and a TXT record
  3. You can check that www.example.com is now showing your landing page

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