Quality improvement

Quality of Life Improvement


We’ve made your Typedream experience even better!

First, we got a new dashboard. You may know us as a website builder, but now we're so much more. We are an all-in-one tool for creators to create and sell online. You can now build your websites, blogs, forms, link in bios, and sell your digital products, all in one tool.

Second, we made your onboarding process even smoother. You can now choose what you want to create and template that you like from the very first step.

Third, you can choose & change templates without exiting the editor. Before this, when you want to duplicate any template, you have to duplicate it from our Template page. Now, you just have to go to the left side of the editor, click “Templates”, click the template that you like, click “Apply template”, and done!

Fourth, publishing won’t take 2 minutes. Previously, after publishing your website, you have to wait 2 minutes for your changes to be reflected on the website. But now, it’s all instant!

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixes saving not working
  • Fixes synced Container's name will revert back to its previous name after clicking the Save button
  • Fixes width + arrows in nested accordion
  • Fixes crash on collection template sidebar
  • Fixes Animated Text not showing up
  • Fixes form submission data was not successfully sent to the submission menu
  • Fixes animated text issue
  • Fixes some issues occur in Collection Page
  • Fixes drag and drop not working
  • Fixes image upload
  • Fixes navbar burger menu keep closing

We're a remote software company, building online tools for creators, builders, and side hustlers. We quit our 9-5 to pursue our dreams, and we want to help others do the same.

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