I Recently Picked Up Journaling and I LOVE It


I recently picked up journaling and it's very unexpected that I turned out to love it, as writing was one of my weakest subjects up until college.

It's very unexpected as writing was one of my weakest subjects up until college (I used to pay someone to write my college essays🫢)

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Journaling helps me:

- Reflect on what I did in the past week

- Organize my thoughts and turn it into actionable items for the following week

- Understand my feelings better (things around me are happening too quickly that I need to take a moment to process)

Reflect on what I did in the past week:

I usually take the first hour of my Monday to organize my tasks for the week. However, I don't use the last hour of my Friday to look back and see which tasks were completed, how I did on the tasks, and how I can do better

Therefore, I'd like to use the last few hours of my Friday to write about what I did, why I did it, what I learned from it, and if there are any follow ups

As a startup founder, sometimes I do my tasks only because the "team" says so or because other similar companies did it

However, as a startup founder, I should have been the one to decide what I need to do. Journaling allows me to reflect on why I did a certain thing, what I learned from doing it, and the impact of my action

Organize my thoughts:

I have this syndrome of becoming a robot that the way I work is by ticking my todo list. If I start organizing my thoughts, I will know what I'm going to do and why I need to do it

Understand my feelings better:

I hit quarter-life crisis a few months back because I was so burnt out from work. After meditating🧘‍♀️, I realized that the source of my burnout was because things around me were happening so quickly that I didn't have time to make sense of it

Let me know if you enjoy journaling too! ✍️

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