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Essential Sections of a High Converting Landing Page

Sep 9, 2021

To create a high-converting landing page, you need to understand your target audience and design the right sections to communicate your value in a compelling way.

In this article, we'll do a Landing Page Audit on our favorite landing pages: Stripe and Slack.

Hero Section

The hero section is the first thing visitors will see on your website, making it the most important section. Therefore, make it clear so visitors understand what your product is & who it's for and captivating to give a good first impression.

Important components:

1. Clear heading: A 1-liner that explains what you do

2. Description: A subheading that explains what the key benefits are

3. CTA: A button to get started

4. Mockup: An image/video to highlight core features

Clear Heading

A 1-liner that explains what you do


A subheading that explains what the key benefits are

Call-to-Action (CTA)

A button to get started


An image/video to highlight core features

Social Proof

The fastest way to add some validation/credibility to your product is by:

1. Listing your customers 2. Displaying your customers' testimonials 3. Listing your partners' logos

Feature Walkthrough

Use this section to dig deeper on how the features actually create a solution for your target customer.

How to Get Started

This section is to provide more details into the "Get Started" CTA. It is used to outline the steps needed to start using your product.


Before your visitors make a decision to sign up, they will check your pricing section.

  • Handle objections upfront and save your time by only servicing people who are still interested in your product even after knowing the price

  • Clear, transparent pricing showing exactly what features are included in each pricing tier

"Lead Magnet" Sign Up Form

After going through the Social Proof, Feature, Pricing, and How to Get Started sections, close your Landing Page with another CTA to invite visitors to sign up. Make your CTA/Sign Up Form a "lead magnet" to incentivize visitors to sign up:

  • "Free trial"

  • "Get started quickly"

Resourceful Footer

Include links to all kinds of resources visitors might need.

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