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Grow your Audience via Email Marketing

Sep 16, 2021

Newsletter is a great way to keep your audience engaged. After getting the initial signup, the goal is making those signups convert and keep coming back to your product because of your continuous value.

Best Practices

Create a good email hook (subject line)

When a recipient sees an email, what makes them choose to open/ignore the email is the subject line.

Stay Relevant and Personal

Segmenting your audience

A way to make your newsletter content relevant is by segmenting your audience based on:

For example, the most common types of websites built on Typedream are Landing Page and Personal Portfolio.

Sending an email newsletter about "The Essential Sections of a High Converting Landing Page" might not be relevant to those who use Typedream for their personal portfolios.

Use the recipient's name

To add a personal touch, use the recipient's name in the subject line or the opener (but not both).

Place the main message and call-to-action above the "fold"

Similar to email hook, we need to make sure we relay our message and ensure they see what you want them to do right away.

Contents below the fold (the part that requires scrolling) are only viewed by around 30% of recipients.

Make your emails responsive

Many people check their email on a mobile. So, it is important to ensure your content is responsive on any device.

Email tools provide the following features to handle this:

Choose the tool that's right for you

Use Case


Free Plan

Paid Plans

Best for marketing automation


From $15/mo

Most intuitive tool


From $15/mo

Great value for money


From $25/mo

Best range of advanced features


From $15/mo

Most generous freemium plan


From $9.99/mo

Great e-commerce automations


From $16/mo

Pay as you go users


From $10/mo

Great e-commerce CRM features


From $19/mo

Good transactional service


From $9.65/mo

Avoid Spam Filters

Build your own email list

Grow your list organically. Always avoid:

Provide a double opt-in

Using a double opt-in confirms a recipient's genuine interest in your emails to keep your engagement and delivery rates high.

You can do this by sending them a welcome email that requires action: a button/link. Once they've completed this action, they are on your mailing list.

Regularly clean up your email list

Monitor your email engagement metrics and keep improving

Start tracking these basic metrics and act quickly to remedy the problem (by following the Best Practices)

This story was written by the team at Typedream.

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