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Analytics metrics:

Unique Visitors

The number of people who visited your site. We are privacy friendly so we don’t use cookies and other persistent identifiers. If a person visits from multiple devices or on multiple days, they are counted as separate visitors.

Total Pageviews

The total number of times your pages were loaded by your visitors.Bounce Rate The percentage of visitors with a single page view. A visitor “bounces” away and leaves your site after only viewing a single page.

Visit Duration

How long time visitors spend on your site. It only shows people who visit more than one page. For those who visit one page only we default to 0 seconds. Average visit duration is the sum of all session lengths divided by the number of sessions, which includes the 0 second visits (bounces).

Session is a set of actions that a user takes on your site. A session is started when a visitor first lands on your page and ended when no action is taken on your site for 30 minutes.

Current Visitors

How many people are currently on your site. This includes all visitors who have loaded a page in the last 5 minutes.

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