How to start an online business

The Ultimate Guide To Making Your 1st Dollar Online

Starting from content creation, building a service, to making templates, all you need to know about making money – online.


A free, self-guided course to help you take your first into building a business online.

Taken from interviews of 50+ successful bootstrapped founders, we're setting up a step-by-step guide on making money online based on your skills.

How it's structured

The goal to this guide is to help you uncover more resources online and help you become independent in growing your business

1. Lesson

These lessons would cover different topics in online business that you can then discover further at your own time

2. Resources

We'll list other resources where you can deep dive into a topic

3. Founders Story

We'll include some lessons, tips, and experiences from our interviews to help you navigate different obstacles you may face.

Shoutout to

The super awesome team at Typedream and all the no-code founders we interviewed:

Rosalie Alyssia

Max Jens

Tzivia Annabeth

Sloan Diarmaid

Aemilia Daniel

Ramona Sarkis

Leonty Efthalia

Zdeslav Taisa

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