Hello, My name is Kristin Watson

I'm a product designer who cares about solving complex problems by deeply understanding the people around me and the worlds they live in.

Core Software Usage

I'm focused on visual development and quality of products.

Kristin is an award-winning brand designer specializing in big company solutions. With over 8 years of professional experience, I've helped countless startups launch and grow their businesses.


Pushing the limits of what's possible to making.

Brand Design

I will help you for making a branding guide like logo, color brand, typoghraphy and another stuff that you need.

Product Design

I will help you for designing your product like packaging design, mockup design or another design that you want for your product.

Digital Marketing Design

I will help you for designing poster, flyer or ads image for your marketing team.


Client : RealProp

Realprop is a website for selling best quality property. I collaborated with Realprop to help them tackle a variety of user experience challenges. Get ready for a deep dive.

Notion Template Store Website

Client : Notionist

Notionist is a website for selling notion templates. You can find lot of templates there. I collaborated with Notionist to help them to redesign their website.

Money Transfer for Modern People

Client : Findsend

Findsend is a mobile apps for transfer money. You can transfer your money directly to a lot of people around the world. I collaborated with Findsend to help them to research the UX of their platform.

Ready to get your business out there?

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