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Kristin - Personal Site

A portfolio template for UI / UX designers and creatives. Inviting and bright, this template highlights what you have to offer and the incredible work you’ve done.

Guides to customize this template

Typedream is a no-code website builder, so you don’t need fancy coding or prerequisite website building experience to make our templates your very own.

Copying the template

  • Click on the Duplicate button at the top of this page. That will take you to a page where you'll see another Duplicate button at the top right corner.

  • Hit the black Duplicate button

  • Select the site you'd like the template to be inserted in and BOOM, you've got a copy.

Adding custom element

  • Drag and drop elements to rearrange the layout of the page.

  • Type / anywhere on the page or click on the + Add New Block button at the bottom of the side toolbar to explore what you can add to the page. You can add collections, buttons, embeds, sections, and more.

For CMS templates

CMS templates have collection views and item pages set up in their own specific ways. To keep the way data is presented in the collections and to make sure that no fields are missing, you can duplicate our Notion tables. To do this, simply:

  • Select a collection and click on Connect Data located on the side toolbar

  • Click on Connect New Data

  • Make sure your Notion account is connected, then hit Next

  • Under Step 1, click on Duplicate Template Table →. This will take you to the Notion database, where you then click on Duplicate.

  • Once the table is in your Notion database, make sure that you share it with the Typedream integration.

  • You will now be able to select the duplicated table from your own Notion database and change the details as necessary.


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Gradients, Bright


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