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add gradients, cards, glassmorphism with one click

The new way to make a website

Everything you need to build your website in record time. Simple to design and manage with no-code.


Dream with us.

We love building things, and we know you love it too! That's why we made a tool that helps you get your product out there as fast as possible.

Built & Optimized for Websites.

Easily add custom domains and SEO tags to your site, and get an optimized static page hosted on a CDN.

Custom Domain

Custom domains with SSL certificates, your site is automatically served on HTTPS.


Add meta tags and social sharing tags for search engine optimization.

Fast with Static Pages

Optimized with statically generated pages, hosted on a CDN.


Everything you need to build your site.

We keep website building simple so you can focus on your content.

Add buttons, navbar, and columns in 1 click. No more worrying about small details and focus on building your content with our default design styling.

Typedream button customization settings

Built-in assets and tools makes website building fast and easy. Making a stunning website is now quick and simple.

Typedream gradient selection

Cards, containers, and gradient backgrounds are ready to use out of the box. Building collections and organizing your content is easier than ever.

Typedream text containers with gradient backgrounds

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Guillermo Rauch

Guillermo Rauch

CEO of Vercel

Building with Typedream is a dream

Ben Tossell

Ben Tossell

Founder of Makerpad



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