Typedream x Papercups.

A guide on how to add live chat to your website

Note: integrating Papercups to Typedream requires a Launch Plan

How does this integration work?


Create a website on Typedream


Add Papercups via Custom Code Injection


Let users chat with you directly from your website


Customer Support

Papercups is typically used to provide live customer support for your users through a chat pop-up on your website.

Adding Papercups to Typedream.

Step 1

Create an account
Follow the getting started guide

Step 2

Click on the "configure your inbox" button
Click the "+ Add" button and copy the HTML code

Step 3

Go to your Typedream site's settings and head to the custom code injection
Paste the code in between <head> </head>


But wait, what's Papercups?

Papercups is an open-source free Intercom alternative that lets you manage all your customer conversations in one place. Reply through Slack, web, or our mobile app.

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