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Typedream x Flair

A guide on how to create an NFT minting page.

NFT Mint

How does this integration work?


First, create a website on Typedream


Second, embed your Flair minting iframe on your page


Then, users mint your NFT


NFT (ERC-721) Minting Page

Deploy your NFT (ERC-721) contract in Flair, Copy the minting iframe to your Typedream site to create a minting page for your users.

Adding Flair to Typedream.

Step 1: Create your NFT smart contract

Go here
Connect and login via your wallet and choose the chain you want to deploy your contract from the dropdown menu (e.x Goerli testnet).
Go here, select “ERC-721 NFTs” and click on “Create”

Step 2: Get minting page iframe

Define how many NFTs do you want to sell in your NFT collection (This defines how many NFTs are going to be available to mint for users)
Create an tier sale for your NFT collection (You can define as many tiers as you want with different prices, allowlist, minting start/end)
Select “Deploy” from the left-hand side menu and click on the “Deploy” button.
Find the “Embed sales widget” in the “Sale” tab and copy it to clipboard.

Step 3: Embed the minting page iframe in Typedream

Go to Typedream and type /embed > Code
Paste the code and click Insert Code

Optional Step

If you like to allow your users to pay for NFTs via credit-card or any other crypto they have in their wallet, you can head to your NFT contract page in Flair dashboard, click on “Payment Methods” and follow the instructions there. Also ask the Flair team about any questions you might have here.


But wait, what's Flair?

Flair is a web3 developer tooling platform that helps projects sell more NFTs with our credit-card and cross-chain-payment solutions and also build faster and save time/cost on web3 development by offering scalable smart contracts, relayer API and wallet solutions.


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