Last updated at July 1, 2021

Using Domains Used In Another Vercel Account

If you have your own Vercel Account and would like to deploy projects under your Vercel Account, as well as use Typedream to serve your landing page, you can do the following:

Let's say you own the domain, and want to run your project under , and use Typedream for your landing page at

Part 1: Delegating to Typedream

  1. Add to your deployment in your Vercel Account. This will make to be owned by your Vercel account.

  2. Delegate to Typedream's Account: Ask our support team to send over an email requesting the subdomain delegation. Once you receive the email, you should approve it.

  3. When it's approved, go to Typedream > Site Settings > Custom Domain and enter This should now work.

  4. You can check that is now showing your landing page

Part 2: Redirecting to

  1. Clone this project

  2. Replace under vercel.json on line 3 and 4 to your own domain.

  3. Deploy it in your Vercel Account

  4. Go to the deployment settings > Domains > add to this deployment.

  5. It will automatically redirect requests to* to*

  6. Confirm that now redirects to and is showing your Typedream landing page

Please contact us at our Slack channel for help.

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